Thomas Pesquet Jordan

Thomas Pesquet’s Space Jordans 

by Régis
5 February 2022
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In addition to being one of the coolest men of earth, the astronaut is also entitled to a brand new pair of Air Jordan just for him. Named the Space Jordan 1 and designed by Jean-Emmanuel Pialoux, a French bootmaker, these sneakers are made of materials from space research 👩‍🚀

Passionate about basketball for as long as he can remember, the astronaut could have seen himself as a professional player. In fact, he had fun imitating Jordan at the end of his stay on the International Space Station. He himself supervised the manufacturing process and chose among the different models that Pialoux proposed to him. The duration of his stay on the ISS is indicated on the side of the shoe! Pretty classy, right?

Photos : @gawmess

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