PLGRND Help & User Guide

by Régis
9 September 2021
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Welcome to PLGRND! This is a short article to help you use the application and have the best experience possible.

First of all, keep in mind that PLGRND is in beta version and that we are working every day to improve the application but that you may encounter bugs or slowdowns (especially at the end of the day when traffic is higher). You can find below some help to face the main issues identified:

🔍 Search :

Important point: we use StockX’s nomenclature for the naming of our pairs. Our search engine being quite rigid, it is necessary to type either the exact name of the pair (e.g. “Air Force 1 Low Supreme White”), or one of the keywords included in the title (e.g. “supreme” will give you the list of all Supreme collabs, including the Air Force 1). If you type “air force supreme”, you will not get any results, even though the pair is in our database!

If despite these efforts you don’t find the pair you are looking for, you can report a missing model here. We are currently working on a filter system to make it easier for you to find your favorite sneakers.

📸 Adding images:

For sellers, it is mandatory to upload photos to accompany their ads. We will not approve ads without photos. You may also need to upload photos to send as an attachment to another user in the chat.

🚨 When uploading, it is important to wait until the image is fully loaded before posting it! If you post the image too soon, there is a good chance that it will not be saved in the database and you will have to start over.

👩‍💻 How to contact us in case of problem:

  • You can write directly to PLGRND Support in the application chat. To do so, you just have to create a conversation with the user « PLGRND Support » (you can find it by typing « help » in the user list).
  • By email to
  • If the problem is not urgent, you can also make suggestions for improvement via this form.

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